Common HVAC Problems & Solutions That Every Homeowner Should Know

Common HVAC Problems & Solutions That Every Homeowner Should Know

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Nothing is more crucial than staying warm when the weather is chilly. Or keeping your home cool in the summer months when the weather outside is sweltering hot.

Until something goes wrong, most people take their HVAC system for granted. No matter which season, your heating and cooling system put a lot of effort into keeping your home’s interior comfortable.

When there is an issue, things can quickly become uncomfortable. It would help if you understood some fundamental HVAC troubleshooting advice.

If you need heating repair in Sumner, WA, you can check out Dicks Heating for their professional services.


HVAC Troubleshooting Tips you need to know


While you can resolve some HVAC problems by cleaning the coils and filters, many typical heating and cooling system faults will worsen if not addressed immediately. Calling for regular preventative maintenance can help prevent most of these. It is advisable to get your system tested yearly to avoid outages during severe weather conditions. For professional heating repair services in Sumner, WA, Dicks Heating is a great option.

  • Replace/Clean Your Air Filter Regularly

We frequently discuss how crucial your air filter is to the HVAC systems in your house. It aids in the collection of airborne pollutants and stops them from spreading. Change one-inch filters once every one to three months and four-inch filters once every six to twelve months for the finest indoor air quality and heating and cooling efficiency.

  • Keep All Your Vents Open

Closing vents to spaces you don’t use could be a good idea. However, this has the opposite effect. Your home’s entire interior is covered by your heating and cooling systems. Therefore, if you block off one location, the systems must work more than necessary to compensate for the obstruction. That can lead to unneeded stress and perhaps result in unit failure.

  • Seal Doors and Windows to Avoid Air Loss

Although you may already do this in the winter to avoid the chilly air outside from entering your home, it’s a good idea to keep in mind all year long. It can assist you in preventing the loss of heated or chilled air—and the energy required to produce it—from your HVAC systems. 

  • Check Your Thermostat

The days of adjusting your thermostat to find the ideal setting are long gone. You can schedule temperature adjustments, keep an eye on energy usage, and even adjust settings depending on whether you’re at home or not with programmable or Wi-Fi thermostats. All of these features allow you to maximize comfort while conserving energy. If you still require professional services for air conditioning in auburn, WA, get in touch with Dicks Heating.

  • Utilize Your Fans

You can use your ceiling fans—and how they rotate—to assist balance temperatures and replace your AC with a box or portable fans. For instance, turning the fan blades counterclockwise in the summer will assist in the direct cool air your way. Similar to this, turning the blades clockwise in the winter aids in drawing cooler air upward, maintaining a warmer environment below them.

  • Clear all Debris

Your HVAC system may not receive the air it needs to function correctly if debris, such as branches, leaves, or snow, builds up on it and around it. Spend some time every couple of weeks checking the unit outside.

This little job can identify a possible issue before it becomes a significant concern. To prevent the engine from heating, keep the fan going by sweeping debris from the appliance. For furnace repair in Tacoma, WA, get in touch with Dicks Heating for quick and professional services.

  • Update your System Maintenance

Perhaps the most significant of our HVAC advice for homes is this. Our specialists can perform regular maintenance to keep your heating and cooling systems operating as efficiently as possible. Before minor concerns become serious, we clean, tune, and assess the entire system and address any faults. For water heater repair in auburn, WA Dicks Heating is among the top service providers in the area.


HVAC Solutions: How to Fix them


Even though HVAC systems are delicate, there are a few issues you can identify and resolve on your own. For instance, you can replace batteries, clean the drain line, change air filters, set the thermostat, clear the dirt out of the vents, and clean the clogged thermostat. 

However, other difficult HVAC repair jobs are better left to the experts. Make sure to arrange an HVAC tune-up at least twice a year to avoid malfunctions and enhance your equipment’s indoor air quality and longevity. Give us a call to chat with qualified HVAC specialists. For any services relating to air conditioning in Puyallup WA get in touch with Dicks Heating today.


Final Thoughts  

The success of HVAC systems depends on regular maintenance and monitoring. By offering a routine assessment of your equipment, tracking energy use, and updating the system, furnace repair Tacoma, and furnace replacement in Tacoma WA, Dicks Heating is there to fix your HVAC problems. Call for enquiries today!

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