Importance Of Scheduling An End-of-season AC Maintenance and Service

Importance Of Scheduling An End-of-season AC Maintenance and Service

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It’s no secret that an Air Conditioner plays a critical role in regulating temperature, maintaining a comfortable environment, and protecting you from the sun’s blazing heat, no matter where you are. 

Despite this, AC maintenance is often more of a reactive rather than a proactive undertaking for most people. Air conditioners usually require service only when the unit isn’t running as efficiently as it should, its time to chill a room has increased, its airflow is lessened, and its power bill has risen. 

Maintenance of air conditioners is like a closed loop, the beginning of which you are aware (before the season begins) and the end of which you don’t feel is necessary (after the season begins). A second aspect we’re discussing is the upkeep of air conditioning in Sumner, WA, at the end of the season. This might seem trivial to you, but it’s extremely important. Here’s what we need to know:  


Why Schedule End Of Season Maintenance?


An end-of-season service is just as important as one at the beginning of the season, both to ensure your air conditioning in Kent, WA, is well-maintained before this winter’s hibernation and to prepare it for the cold months.

As the summer months approach, your cooling system must work hard to keep up, which generates a great deal of wear and tear and introduces a considerable amount of pollutants and contaminants. The bottom line is that you want your system serviced similar to heating repair in Puyallup, WA, before the winters so that next year, it will be ready to go and perform at its best.


5 Benefits of Early AC Maintenance


People usually do maintenance in the spring. So why should you schedule this service early? This can still be helpful and might be a good way to get one more thing off your plate before summer. Get your tune-up done ASAP for these five reasons.

  • Saves you money on repairs

Keeping an appliance in good working order requires some preventive maintenance. In the absence of proper maintenance, your system will be much more prone to breakdowns. Air conditioners are no different. The cost of repairing an AC unit is quite high, not only because of the parts that need to be replaced but also because of the labor involved.

The best way to extend the life of your air conditioner(s) is to schedule an end-of-season service visit. In this way, the technician can inspect key components within the AC and conduct routine maintenance before the AC is serviced again next season. It is, therefore, more cost-effective to perform routine ac service rather than major repairs since preventive maintenance reduces the probability of major repairs.

To ensure good performance, schedule AC maintenance for the end of summer as well as at the end of winter if you have an ‘all season’s trusted AC’.

  • Off-season air conditioning ensures good air quality

When you have your end-of-season AC maintenance performed, you don’t have to worry about an air conditioner failing in the off-season since you will be able to use it all year round. Humid weather, guests’ visits, and social events can all lead to the need for such a service.

  • System Efficiency

As summer approaches, you want to be able to start your AC right away and expect it to work as expected. If the AC system has been unattended for a while, it is always recommended to contact an expert to check the system’s health, rodent infestation, and weather effect.

If you shut it down without performing end-of-season AC maintenance, your unit may have issues. In the AC, dirt, dust, and debris will settle and negatively affect performance, increasing cooling costs by requiring the system to work harder. Foreign particles may also cause internal parts to react, leading to leaks or accidents.

  • Improved comfort 

Keeping your air conditioning in Auburn, WA maintained on a regular basis will help to improve the efficiency of the system. Consequently, it will be better equipped to keep you cool during the most stressful times of the year.

  • It can save you a lot of time 

The earlier you schedule AC Maintenance service, the better the chance you have of preventing an extended wait time that may ensue later in the season when more homeowners are scheduling their tune-ups.


Trust Us to Take Care of Your Maintenance Needs!


Are you ready to schedule your service? Count on Dicks Heating for all your furnace repair Kent, WA needs! We have licensed and certified HVAC experts who can handle all of your maintenance needs.

We are happy to assist you with your air conditioning in Puyallup, WA, requirements at any time of the year. You can count on us to keep you comfortable at all times. 




Taking proactive measures to ensure your air conditioning system is properly maintained. This will ensure that you’ll enjoy dependable and effective cooling performance over the life of the unit. It would be so good if you could inculcate the habit of performing end-of-season maintenance in order to assure the maximum comfort when it comes to cooling.

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