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If we were to ask, why don’t you have your furnace professionally inspected, cleaned, and adjusted annually? We’re pretty sure it’d be something along the lines of you not willing to pay for maintenance. Top furnace repair and replacement specialists in Sumner, WA, reveal that most property owners fall prey to the mindset of “it worked just fine last year. It will be fine again this year.” 

But what happens if it isn’t fine? What if the collected soot, dust, debris, and moisture from the humidity have clouded up the heat sensor or caused severe damage to the heat exchanger? What if some other issues keep it from functioning properly, and you just don’t find out till you turn on the heat on a cold winter night? 

You get the rut. There are a lot of important questions here, and instead of averting the crisis, it’s best to know for sure that your furnace is working properly. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top tips on how to save money on heating bills with a well-cared-for furnace.


1.Seal Your Windows

Top furnace repair and replacement experts in Sumner, WA, reveal that windows are notorious sabotagers to Washington home heating bills. Consider checking your windows for potential air leaks by holding a candle near the seams. If the flame bends, it could very well indicate a draft. If you detect drafts, consider sealing your windows using specially designed shrink-wrap kits. This simple tactic helps retain heat in your home during winter and can be easily removed when spring arrives.

2.Re-Caulk Outside Window Frames

With the wide range of temperature fluctuations in Sumner, Kent, Puyallup, Auburn, and nearby Washington areas, window caulking can dry out and crumble. As a responsible property owner, you need to take a quick tour around your windows to check if you need to re-caulk. Once done, you can:

  1. Remove old caulk
  2. Clean the surface thoroughly
  3. Replace it with new polyurethane caulking

Leading furnace replacement and repair professionals in Tacoma, WA, suggest that this process needs to be carried out during warmer weather for best results. 

3.Replace Weather Stripping

Doors and windows are also pretty high on the list of possible residential heat drainers, and most furnace repair and replacement experts in Tacoma, WA, reveal that you can minimize your heating bills by up to 30% with effective weather stripping.

Furthermore, to learn if your doors or windows are helping heat your Washington backyard, go outside with a handheld dryer, run it along the door, and have a family member inside to check for hot air entering the property.


4.Add Insulation

Many residential properties, especially those built before the 1980s, lack proper insulation. Expert furnace repair and replacement specialists in Auburn, WA, reveal that upgrading your insulation can save around 10% and 50% on heating bills. You need to insulate any exposed water pipes to help them retain warmth. By adhering to these steps, you can potentially reduce your hot water expenses by up to 15%.

  • Utilize Ceiling Fans

One of our favorite ways to minimize your energy bills is through ceiling fans. If your property has ceiling fans installed, you should use them during any season for air circulation. In the colder months, run these fans clockwise to draw the room’s air up and force the warm air down. 

  • Let the Sun In

As you may already know, the sun is a natural source of warmth, capable of warming up homes even on the coldest days of the year. Not only is it good for your property, it’s great for your family’s emotional and mental health. Leading furnace repair and replacement specialists in Kent, WA, suggest you open your blinds on bright, sunny days to let the sun naturally warm and brighten up your environment. Just make sure to close those drapes and blinds when the sun goes down to trap that heat in!

5.Monitor Your Fireplace

Having evaluated residential heating efficiency for over fifty years, professionals at Dick’s Heating & A/C Inc. have seen both the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to fireplaces. They may be great heat sources, but fireplaces can actually be huge energy wasters and lead to increased utility expenses. If you don’t have a fire lit, our experts recommend closing the damper to prevent the warm air from escaping. You can also install glass doors to help trap the heat in your home rather than out your chimney.

6.Maintain Your HVAC System.

In our experience, regular care and maintenance ensures that your heating system is functioning at its top efficiency level, saving you money on power bills and extending the lifespan of your equipment. Professionals at Dick’s Heating & A/C Inc. strongly recommend sticking to an annual inspection schedule to keep everything running smoothly. 

During your scheduled assessment, make sure to:

  • Clean away any grime
  • Clean the blowers
  • Replace the furnace filter regularly during the colder months
  • Check to be sure your vents are open and unobstructed

It’s also good to organize an annual furnace maintenance check with a credible heating professional like Dick’s Heating & A/C Inc. to ensure the most efficient performance.  

7.Limit Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans pull heated air out of your property, but they also can produce negative pressure, which can lead to backdrafts from your fireplace, windows, walls, and even un-insulated outlets. To help conserve your in-home heat, expert furnace repair, and replacement contractors in Kent, WA, believe running exhaust fans sparingly is best to limit the amount of heat escaping.


8.Consider Replacing Your Heating System

Expert furnace replacement and repair specialists in Puyallup, WA, reveal that if you’ve already implemented the above-mentioned helpful tips but are still experiencing high energy bills, it may be time to upgrade to a new furnace. According to the Department of Energy, while traditional furnaces have efficiency ranges somewhere between 55% – 70%, new conventional heating systems can achieve up to 98.5% efficiency ratings. Installing a modern system or adding a few upgrades here and there can often cut your energy bills in half.


Final Takeaway

 If you’re experiencing an emergency, or need to schedule regular maintenance, feel free to contact the expert professionals at Dicks Heating & A/C Inc. With over 50 years of experience, we’ve evolved into one of Puget Sound’s most stable & dependable service companies. 

Whether you need a new furnace replacement or simply furnace repair in Sumner, WA, Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma, Auburn, Puyallup, Kent, and the nearby areas, you can depend on our capable technicians to provide the best services at affordable prices. We provide every type of repair to have your furnace back in the best possible condition.

Contact us at 888-531-9579 to schedule an appointment with our team today.


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