What to do When Your Heat Cuts Out?

What to do when your Heat Cuts out?

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A heating and cooling system breakdown is one of the most dreadful scenarios that could happen to your home in winter; the case of a central heating unit that ceases operating and leaves your family members in the frigid winter air. When this happens, you may feel anxious and maybe nervous.

So, when your heater ceases to work, your initial reaction could be to call an expert from heating repair in Kent, WA, to fix it. However, it’s not always the most effective option. The issue is usually resolved by yourself with just a few tips for troubleshooting your HVAC issues.


Things you need to do when your Heat cuts Out


Inspect the Thermostat

If you experience that central heating and air isn’t functioning, the first step in identifying the issue is straightforward. If your furnace isn’t igniting first thing you need to do is examine your thermostat. Switch it on and set the temperature at the point which will cause the heater to come on. If it’s not on, you should check the circuit breaker to determine whether the breaker for the central heating system is in danger of being shut off. If so been tripped, switch it off and then turn it on. Also, verify whether your furnace’s door is shut completely and look for burned or blown fuses also. If your thermostat operates on batteries, you can try an entirely new pair.


Check that the gas is switched on

Like with the thermostat, it’s not difficult to let the valve for natural gas be shut off and then forgotten about. To determine this, check the gas line that runs from the furnace to the meters. If you see the handle parallel with the gas line,  rotate it so that it is perpendicular to the gas pipe.


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Make sure the pilot light is functioning

Home heating systems that run on propane or carbon monoxide gas in their system have a pilot light located at the bottom of the heater, generally on the floor. Your heating system will stop working when this light is out. After you have checked everything else, shut off the gas reset valve within the unit. For 5 minutes, then return it to the ‘on’ position. 

If it doesn’t work, be sure that you’ve got gas. If you have gas, but you still notice the central heating is not working, then you may need to replace the igniter with the help of an HVAC technician. A final tip, in the event that the flame has gone out on the pilot light, it could be necessary to light it up again.


Change the air filter

Filters that have become clogged are one of the leading causes of furnace issues. When the filters become clogged with dirt or dust, the heat exchanger can quickly shut down and overheat with restrict airflow. This can also cause soot buildup in the heat exchanger, which can make your furnace work less efficiently. This can lead to high operating costs.

If the blower stops working, but there is no heat coming out, the next step is to replace it. You can locate the filter in your owner’s handbook and find out how to take it out.

Flat filters should not be changed more than once a year, and pleated filters should only be inspected once a month. Pleated filters generally last three months. But, if you have pets that help generate dust or kids who play with them, you may need more frequent replacements. If you cannot clearly see the light through the filters, it’s time to have a heating repair in Tacoma, WA.


Look for blocked ducts that restrict airflow

If you find that one or two rooms are not cold, but your furnace is turning on in others, be sure to check the ductwork. Check for any gaps between the sections and branching points.

You can seal any gaps with metal-duct tape. Use standard cloth duct tape as it can cause ducts not to seal properly to avoid the emergency heating repair in Auburn WA.


Final Takeaway


The heat goes off, leaving you with a cold family and a cold house. You will need to address the problem quickly.

It’s crucial to keep your heating system in tip-top shape for the cold months. For the best chance of your heater not failing in the future, it is worth having furnace maintenance done by professionals prior to the cold winter season.

Thus, if none of these tips works, you need to call experts for heating repair in Puyallup, WA, from Dicks Heating.

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