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We offer installation of Standard & Tankless water heaters for your home or business! There are different factors that should be considered when choosing the right water heater for your home or business. One important factor to consider is that a water heater and heating or air conditioning needs can account for up to 65% of a home’s energy usage. From high capacity standard water heaters to tankless water heaters, we have the options you are looking for. We offer water heaters that employ all of the latest technology and the warranty and service you want for peace of mind.


Are you interested in a tankless water heater in Sumner WA, Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma, Auburn, Puyallup, Kent, and the nearby areas.? We have all the latest options available and the warranties and service to back them up. Tankless water heaters provide hot water in your home or business only as it is needed. With a tankless water heater, you are only using energy to heat your water when you want hot water. So, in times when you have no need for hot water – you are not spending money to keep water hot (like when you are sleeping). Tankless water heaters can be a huge advantage in energy efficiencies and cost savings, but depending on your water usage, they may not always be the best option for you and your family. Talk with a Dick’s Heating & Air Conditioning representative today to discuss your water heater needs and options.

Effective Water Heater Installation 


For the unit to operate as effectively, efficiently, and durably as possible, the installation of the water heater is essential. Here are the essential actions to take for a successful installation. Choose a water heater that is the right size and kind for your home needs first. Ensure that the installation area has the necessary ventilation and clearance. Before disconnecting the old unit, turn off the water, gas, and/or power. Assuring adequate connections for the water supply, gas lines, or electrical wiring, install the new water heater in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Examine the temperature and pressure relief valve settings to ensure they are set properly. Before resuming the water and electricity supply, check the appliance for leaks and functional issues to avoid water heater repair in Tacoma, WA, at a later stage due to inaccurate installation.

Schedule a Water Heater Repair or Replacement Today 

Please call us to schedule a water heater repair or replacement in Auburn, WA right away, or visit our website to file a service request. To quickly and effectively restore your hot water supply, our skilled technicians will evaluate your water heater’s requirements and offer professional repair or replacement services. Contact us right away to make sure your water heater is operating at its best and to stop any more inconveniences.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of water heater repair in Auburn, WA, varies depending on the type of heater you have and the price of spare parts. Hot water heater service can also have a big influence on the cost.
A leaky water heater is one of the most common problems you will encounter. By nature, all water heaters will eventually leak since water corrodes a tank and causes microscopic fractures or cracks. In such a case, you might need an urgent water heater repair in Sumner, WA.
Water heater replacement in Auburn, WA, costs vary widely according to the type and size, including the cost of the unit and labor.
Yes, but you may end up spending more than if you had simply hired a pro from the beginning. If you take on replacement or water heater repair in Puyallup, you’re dealing with potentially hazardous systems that are easy to damage and could cause serious injury. Homeowners typically don’t know about current housing codes and proper installation methods, so they might not be able to perform a proper installation.
If you have a conventional storage-tank water heater that is nearing the end of its lifespan, it is time to replace it. New models are more energy efficient and can save a lot of money over their lifetime. However, water heater repair in Kent, WA, is probably the best option when it is just a few years old.
Ideally, you would be able to identify when you need to replace your water before it leaks and causes an inconvenience or, worse, damage to your home. The typical lifespan of a residential hot water heater is between 6 and 13 years. Anything beyond 12 years is on borrowed time, and you should consider water heater replacement in Puyallup, WA.

The lifespan of a water heater is not infinite. Thermostats, gas control valves, electric heater coils, and the Temperature & Pressure (T&P) valve can sometimes fail. It is often possible to replace these parts without replacing the entire water heater. Water storage tank leaks are the most common cause of failure and water heater repair in Auburn, WA.

A safety recommendation for water heater repair in Sumner, WA, and to avoid scalding at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, but the usual default temperature is 140°. In stagnant water, bacteria such as legionella, which causes Legionnaires disease, can grow inside your water heater at temperatures below 120 degrees.

You should turn off your water heater if you experience a leak. A dedicated shutoff valve should be installed on the cold inlet pipes and call for water heater repair in Puyallup, WA.


If the valve is broken, you can turn off your home’s water supply. Water should be shut off at the main valve of every home to prevent it from flowing throughout the entire building. We can schedule a service technician to visit your home as soon as possible if you cannot locate the shutoff valve.

It is usually sufficient for one to three people to have a small storage tank (50- to 60-gallon). Three to four people can easily store their belongings in a medium-sized (80-gallon) storage tank. Using a large tank for four to six people would result in less water heater repair in Kent, WA.

Hot water heaters are typically expected to last 6 to 13 years in a residential setting and may require timely water heater repair in Tacoma, WA.

If you want an energy-efficient water heater, you should upgrade it. No rule states that you must consider water heater replacement in Auburn, WA. However, a water tank with better insulation will help you maintain your preferred hot water temperature.

  • You need a water heater replacement in Puyallup, WA, if your water heater is more than 10 years old or if it shows signs of aging. 
  • Your water is discolored.
  • There is inadequate heating.
  • There is sediment or sand buildup in your heater tank
  • Your water heater makes unusual noises. 
  • The hot water tank is leaking.


When you’re considering the return on investment with your new heating and air conditioning system, consider this. While the price is important, it’s equally important to assess how much your system is going to cost to operate and maintain year in and year out – the overall value.

For example, higher efficiency systems will result in lower energy bills, reduced maintenance costs, longer warranties and up to a 15% tax-free return on your investment. Now grab your heating or air conditioning bill, and take this quick energy cost analysis to give you a small sample of the value of modern equipment.

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