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Furnace Repair and Replacement for Homes and Businesses

At Dick’s Heating & A/C Inc., we are your trusted source for furnace systems, repair, and replacement services in Sumner WA, Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma, Auburn, Puyallup, Kent and the nearby areas. We offer total furnace system inspections and installations that allow you to achieve the efficient and cost-effective heating you need throughout your home during the cool and cold months of the year. You can rely on our team to provide the high quality and prompt furnace repair and other services you need for you and your family, or your business.

Furnace Repair and Replacement Services

If your furnace is not functioning properly or has stopped working altogether, the environment within your home or workplace can become cold very quickly, especially when the temperatures are frigid outside. However, if this happens, we are here to provide you with the fix you need for your furnace system issue. Our trained team of furnace technicians can visit your home or office, determine your heating system issue, and offer the best solution to restore the flow of heat once again.

Furnace Models

We offer a range of highly dependable popular furnace brands to serve the residential and commercial heating needs of our customers. Our furnace models, including Trane gas furnaces, operate at exceptional levels of efficiency to deliver cost-effective heating into your home or work spaces. You can trust our furnace products to provide you with the heat you need inside when it’s cold outside.

Some of the high efficiency furnace models we offer include:

  • Super Efficiency XC95m Modulating Variable Speed Gas Furnace
  • Super Efficiency XV95 Two-Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace
  • Super Efficiency XR95 Single-Stage Gas Furnace
  • XV80 Two-Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace
  • XL80 Two-Stage Gas Furnace
  • XR80 Single-Stage Gas Furnace

If you are looking for a heating contractor you can trust for your furnace replacement or repair needs, we have you covered at Dick’s Heating & A/C Inc. We are here to serve you in Tacoma WA, Puyallup WA, Sumner WA, and the surrounding areas.

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For more information about the various high efficiency furnaces we offer, including Trane furnaces, or our repair and replacement services, give us a call today at 253.531.9579, use our contact form, or schedule a service call.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average furnace lasts 20 to 30 years. However, this does not mean you can wait that long before replacing yours. When your furnace has been experiencing significant problems and requiring frequent repairs over the past 15 years, you may need to contemplate a furnace replacement in Sumner, WA.
Furnace replacement in Auburn, WA, costs are affected by a number of factors. Depending on the cost of the new unit, the type of unit, labor rates, accessibility, the old unit’s removal, and disposal fees, climate, and the home’s age and condition, prices can differ from the national average.
Yes, you can take up furnace replacement in Puyallup. The only exception is when there is a local ordinance that requires installation. It is important to investigate a number of factors before purchasing and installing a new furnace yourself. Otherwise, you can always hire a professional.
A forced-air furnace heats your home through a cycle that begins with igniting natural gas or propane. Heat is transferred from the flames to a metal heat exchanger, and then the exhaust exits the flu. Heat is forced into the ductwork by the furnace’s blower and distributed throughout the house. In case the system does not work, you might need furnace replacement in Tacoma, WA.

When estimating the cost of a furnace repair in Tacoma, WA, there are some factors to consider.

  • You may be covered for the cost of parts if your furnace is still under warranty. Your furnace’s costs will depend on which parts you need to replace after the warranty has expired.
  • Generally, service visits and contractors’ labor will cost you.
  • Condition, size, and age – Your furnace’s age, size, and performance all play a role in how much it will cost you for repairs.
Checking the vent system and air intake grilles and removing any obstructions are tasks included in our furnace maintenance checklist. Looking for any signs of corrosion or damage to the heat exchanger. Cleaning and removing debris from the blower are all part of furnace repair Tacoma.
It is recommended to have a furnace serviced at least once a year, preferably both in the spring and in the fall. Performing regular furnace repair in Kent, Wa, on parts that are prone to malfunction, including the air filter, the fan, the pilot light, and the heat exchanger, can help prevent problems in the future.
The majority of contemporary furnaces are either gas or electric. While gas furnaces create even heating and cost little to operate, furnaces tend to be a lot less effective but are smaller, making it easier for them to fit into most spaces.
All of the essential components of your furnace need to be checked and adjusted, cleaned, tested, and/or lubricated as needed. Some of the specific tasks involved in the furnace repair Puyallup checklist include: air intake grilles, inspecting the vent system and, removing any blockages.
  • Circuit Breaker Flipped
  • Faulty Igniter
  • Clogged Air Filter
  • Burners Are Not Clean
  • Thermostat Not Set to On
  • Bad Limit Switch


If any of the above problems occur, schedule a furnace repair in Auburn, WA today. 

A precisely qualified HVAC technician can easily diagnose and repair furnace problems in most cases. Your furnace’s issues can likely be fixed through furnace repair in Sumner, WA, if it is new, meaning it has less than 10 years of system life.
  • Increasing illnesses.
  • Pilot flame color
  • High and unexplained utility bills.
  • High furnace age.
  • Sudden troublesome noises.
  • Soot.
  • Dry air.

Frequent furnace repairs in Kent WA


When you’re considering the return on investment with your new heating and air conditioning system, consider this. While the price is important, it’s equally important to assess how much your system is going to cost to operate and maintain year in and year out – the overall value.

For example, higher efficiency systems will result in lower energy bills, reduced maintenance costs, longer warranties and up to a 15% tax-free return on your investment. Now grab your heating or air conditioning bill, and take this quick energy cost analysis to give you a small sample of the value of modern equipment.

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