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Living in Tacoma means getting to experience pleasant summers by the water. Still, there will inevitably be days when the temperature rises to uncomfortable levels, leaving you looking for a spot to cool off. Cooling off is as easy as turning on your air conditioner if you decide to proceed with a Tacoma air conditioning installation. Your system will then maintain your home’s temperature at a comfortable level.

Call Dicks Heating if you’re thinking about installing an air conditioner. You can be assured that it is the right choice because our team of air conditioning professionals will direct you through the entire procedure.

It’s a big part of the task to find the ideal air conditioning system for your house. Fortunately, our professionals know the necessary to assist you in choosing the best size of air conditioner, and we can also take care of the maintenance for you.

Get Dicks Heating Services on the job immediately to start benefiting from our maintenance of your home’s ideal temperature and indoor air quality.

Installing an Air Conditioner in Tacoma 

Installations of new air conditioning in Tacoma that don’t involve replacing an existing unit in the house are the most challenging. It is due to the likelihood that you will have installed neither the ducts nor the necessary wiring in the home to accommodate the new appliance. Although this job will take slightly longer than replacing an air conditioner, Dicks Heating Services can still do it. 

We might need to install a new circuit breaker on your electrical panel to manage the electrical components. During installation, we might also need to dig through your foundation. We will mount the actual air conditioner on a metal bracket or concrete slab outside your house. Depending on the type of air conditioner we’re installing, and where it makes the most sense, we’ll use a different technique. Our services will, however, always provide trustworthy recommendations so that you may rely on them.

Replacing Your Air Conditioning System in Tacoma

Do you currently possess an air conditioner that is broken? Dicks Heating services can fix it. To save you some money, we’ll frequently try to fix your air conditioner first. As these machines age, some components start to break down, necessitating repairs or upkeep. 

We will replace the old unit with a new one if it is damaged beyond repair. 

The good part is that you will have appropriate wiring, and your ducts will be ready to accommodate your new air conditioner. To give you the most protection, we’ll also figure out what size air conditioner is ideal for your house. Don’t wait to call Dicks Heating Services for air conditioning in Tacoma, as we can fix your unit; we’ll have it up and running in no time.

Our HVAC Services in Tacoma

Dicks Heatings provides the following services of air conditioning in Tacoma

Contact Dicks Heating Services is available to complete the task of installing an air conditioner in Tacoma, Washington, whenever you need it. 

We have a team of professionals with several years of expertise in the field and multiple air conditioning projects finished successfully. Call to book an appointment and get in touch with our team of professionals, and we’ll send someone to assess your air conditioning requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric appliances rarely continue to perform as well after a long period as they did when they were first purchased. It is expected that electrical equipment will wear out over time. Components of an air conditioner also wear out, resulting in a decrease in performance. The efficiency of your air conditioner should be checked if you notice a significant drop. The air conditioner in Tacoma, WA, should be checked regularly to prevent wear and tear and a significant decrease in performance. Keeping your air conditioner serviced also prevents any possible problems from arising and resulting in expensive repairs later.

You should change your air conditioning filter every 6-12 months if you live in a house. Every one to twelve months, it is recommended that your commercial building’s filter be replaced. The process of removing and installing air conditioning filters is relatively straightforward. Tacoma air conditioning produces cleaner air when filters are regularly replaced. 

A technician checks the air conditioning in Tacoma, WA, for leaks or pools of water during service. Furthermore, he checks whether the pipes and tubes inside the air conditioner are leaking. The technician cleans the drain and removes dirt and debris while performing AC service to prevent leakage from the AC unit.

  • Refrigerant Leaks. Low refrigerant levels may be caused by undercharging at installation or leaks in the system. 
  • Inadequate Maintenance of the air conditioning in Tacoma, WA 
  • Electric Control Failure. 
  • Drainage Problems
  • Sensor Problems.

A technician cleans and washes the air filter during air conditioner service. Mold and dirt are also removed from the condenser fins during an air conditioner service. Tacoma air conditioning systems become overheated when dust and soot accumulate. 

The price of a new air conditioner in Tacoma, WA, varies depending on factors such as the size of the unit, the efficiency rating, and the installation requirements. It’s best to get a quote from a reputable HVAC contractor like Dick’s Heating to determine the specific cost for your needs.

The decision to replace your entire air conditioning system or replace parts of it depends on the age and condition of your system. If the system is over ten years old and requires frequent repairs, replacing the entire system may be more cost-effective. A professional assessment from Dick’s Heating can help you make an informed decision.

To decrease your air conditioning expenses in Tacoma, WA, consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient model, maintaining your system regularly, and using a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature. Dick’s Heating can provide advice and services to help you reduce your AC costs.

When installing air conditioning in Tacoma, WA, you can expect a professional installation process that includes assessing your home’s needs, selecting the right unit, installing it correctly, and testing it to ensure proper functioning. Dick’s Heating can guide you through each step of the process.

An AC system in a home works by absorbing heat from indoor air and transferring it outside, cooling the air inside. The system uses refrigerant, a compressor, and coils to facilitate this process. Dick’s Heating can provide more detailed information on the workings of a Tacoma air conditioning system.

Installing air conditioning is important in Tacoma, WA, because it helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, improve indoor air quality, and increase the overall value of your home. Dick’s Heating can explain the specific benefits of installing an AC system.

When installing an air conditioning unit in Tacoma, WA, you should avoid exposing it to sunlight or heat sources, as this can affect its efficiency and lifespan. A professional installation from Dick’s Heating can ensure the proper placement of your unit.


When you’re considering the return on investment with your new heating and air conditioning system, consider this. While the price is important, it’s equally important to assess how much your system is going to cost to operate and maintain year in and year out – the overall value.

For example, higher efficiency systems will result in lower energy bills, reduced maintenance costs, longer warranties and up to a 15% tax-free return on your investment. Now grab your heating or air conditioning bill, and take this quick energy cost analysis to give you a small sample of the value of modern equipment.

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