Upgrading The HVAC System for Aging Homes

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If you live in an older house, you might have noticed that your HVAC system isn’t performing as well as it once did. This is due to the rapid advancements in furnace technology over the years and the natural wear and tear that occurs with time. Most furnace repair and replacement contractors in Puyallup, Auburn, Sumner, Tacoma, Kent, and nearby locations believe upgrading your HVAC system can boost energy efficiency, minimize energy costs, and improve your overall comfort. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of upgrading the HVAC system for your aging homes, the considerations and steps involved in the retrofitting process, and the various types of HVAC systems available to meet your specific needs.

Unique Challenges of Aging Home HVAC Systems

1.Poor Indoor Air Quality

Due to outdated insulation and HVAC equipment, aging homes suffer from poor indoor air quality. Top furnace repair and replacement contractors in Auburn, WA, reveal that poor insulation allows more pollen, dust, and other pollutants to slow down your HVAC model as it tries to filter them out. 

2.Leaking Duct System

Over time, ducts develop cracks, causing cool air to become trapped either in the duct system, in the ceiling, or behind walls.

Your older HVAC system not only wastes time and energy but also produces cool air that doesn’t serve its basic purpose of increasing indoor comfort. 

3.Outdated Equipment

Older homes have outdated HVAC systems, resulting in slow, inefficient cooling. These older models require frequent repairs and are more susceptible to failures and breakdowns. Leading furnace specialists in Auburn, WA, reveal that rather than repairing parts time after time, one should invest in new equipment. You’ll save time, money, and stress in the long run.

4.High Energy Bills

Top furnace repair specialists in Tacoma, WA, reveal that high-energy bills result from inefficient equipment that doesn’t adequately cool your home. As air filters become dirty, duct systems become clogged, and cool air leaks from your property, you can anticipate higher monthly energy bills.


Benefits of Upgrading HVAC Systems


Replacing your old HVAC system can help you save thousands of dollars associated with fuel costs. Most furnace systems in older homes operate in nearly 65% of Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), and the remaining 35% goes down the drain. Top furnace replacement contractors in Kent, WA, reveal that new, high-efficiency HVAC systems achieve AFUE ratings exceeding 90%, improving indoor air quality significantly.

2.Control your comfort: 

Leading new furnace contractors in Auburn, WA, state that modern HVAC systems help maintain the temperature at a constant level with consistent airflow and offer superior humidity control, especially compared with older systems.

3.Proficient air flow: 

With a brand new furnace system, you get enhanced air circulation, and this better airflow helps translate the environment into a proficiently regulated temperature. Top furnace replacement experts in Tacoma, WA, state that it even helps remove impurities from the air and prevent mold formation.

4.Quiet operation: 

Leading furnace repair specialists in Tacoma, WA, reveal that modern HVAC systems are comprised of advanced absorbing materials to minimize operational noise levels compared to models present in older homes.

5.Longer working capacity: 

These modern machines reduce on and off cycling, thereby reducing the strain on your repair resources. Therefore, your machine will endure longer without any inconvenience.

6.Environmental Impact: 

Always remember that an HVAC system is good for your wallet and property and also good for the environment. Leading furnace repair and replacement contractors in Sumner, WA, reveal that newer, high-efficiency systems consume one-third less fuel than older models, reducing waste and improving the conservation of national resources. 

7.Flexible strategies for you: 

Credible brands have special solutions for different places, whether you’re working on higher-efficiency furnaces, HVAC units, or even geothermal designs for aging residences. These solutions comprise advanced features and higher efficiency capabilities.

Additionally, a professional like Dick’s Heating & A/C Inc. will assess your space and discuss your preferences, aiding in the selection of the perfect system for your needs.

8.Increase the resale value: 

Lastly, if you wish to increase the resale value of your property, it’s imperative to install a modern HVAC system now. 

Leading furnace repair and replacement contractors in Puyallup, WA, reveal that buyers carefully examine the HVAC system and its quality before finalizing their investment decision when assessing any property.

Types of HVAC Systems

Leading furnace repair and replacement experts in Sumner, WA, reveal that different types of HVAC systems include,

1.Split system: 

Most common among all the HVAC variants, this unit is “Split” between two main systems (one for cooling and one for heating).

2.Hybrid system: 

This is the most advanced version of the split system. Top furnace repair and replacements in Puyallup, WA, reveal that the main difference is that it has increased energy efficiency as it’s equipped with a hybrid electric heater system.

3.Ductless system: 

This HVAC variant includes an external air conditioning system for cooling and a heat pump for heating. It is suitable for residences in Puyallup, Auburn, Sumner, Kent, Tacoma, and nearby locations where conventional duct systems cannot be used.

4.Packaged system: 

They offer high-quality heating and cooling combined into one unit, usually used in properties without basements. Packaged systems are usually installed outdoors.

Choosing the Right HVAC System

1.Size System:

Leading furnace replacement experts in Puyallup, WA, state that you must purchase the right size system for your property. Aging homes may not have the correct size system. 

A credible HVAC contractor like Dick’s Heating & A/C Inc. will tell you what size system your property needs, as the calculations required often involve different factors, including sun exposure and insulation, tree coverage, in addition to square footage and ceiling height.


Buy the highest-efficiency HVAC equipment that will work with your home. Leading furnace contractors in Kent, WA, reveal that even though standard-efficiency and high-efficiency systems might have the same labor component, the high efficiency will prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.

3.Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) components:

Crucial IAQ components like humidifiers and high-efficiency air filtration systems are common add-ons to your HVAC models. 


Leading furnace replacement contractors in Tacoma, WA, reveal that a warranty can save you a lot of time, energy, and headaches when things break. Frequently, certain parts and repairs come with a standard warranty when purchasing new. If you’re flipping a home or preparing to sell a property, ensure you invest in warranties that can be transferred to the new owners.


Lastly, choosing the best HVAC contractor is a critical factor that will affect the quality of your system. A reputed HVAC contractor like Dick’s Heating & A/C Inc. will evaluate your entire system, including indoor air quality and ductwork requirements. They’ll attend to your specific requirements and offer suggestions tailored to fit you, your home, and your lifestyle most effectively.

Final Takeaway

With careful planning and the expertise of a credible HVAC contractor like Dick’s Heating & A/C Inc., retrofitting an HVAC system in an aging home can be a worthwhile investment that elevates comfort and adds long-term value to your residence.

We provide thorough heating furnace repair and replacement in Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner, Auburn, Kent, and nearby WA locations within the scheduled time and budget using the most up-to-date and best-quality equipment.

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1.Years of experience 

Having served clients in nearby areas since 1974, our technicians are highly trained and experienced.

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With our competitive heating and cooling prices, we’re sure to fit into everyone’s budget.

4.Prompt Response

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5.Excellent Customer care 

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