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A ductless air conditioner is an ideal solution if you live in a small space and want to stay cool during those hot summers. In recent years, ductless indoor units have become a popular option for cooling homes as a simpler, quieter, and more compact solution. 

Read on to discover how ductless air conditioning in Summer WA can benefit your Tacoma home.

What is Ductless Air Conditioning?


Ductless cooling does not require ductwork, as the name implies. The system consists of two separate components: an outdoor compressor and an indoor evaporator. Each unit is connected, via a wall hole, to the other. Air is introduced into the living space through the indoor ac units, while heat from the outdoor unit is emitted outside.

Wall-mounted mini-splits are the most common type of ductless system. Typically, the indoor unit for wall-mounted mini-splits is mounted high up on the wall, while the outdoor unit is placed either on the ground or mounted directly on the wall on the other side. With the use of a mini-split thermostat, you can make a standard mini-split smart.

Another type of ductless system for air conditioning in Auburn, WA, can be a wall-mounted multi-split, a PTAC, a window unit, or a cassette-type air conditioner.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning 


Easy Installation 

Due to the lack of ductwork, ductless air conditioners can be installed significantly faster than ducted systems. A fraction of the effort is also required for installation, so the costs for installation are kept to a minimum. Installation of ductless air conditioners can cost up to 50% less than that of a ducted unit, making them a great choice if you do not have ductwork already installed.

The installation process involves three steps:

  • Indoor installation of the air handler(s).
  • For the piping, drill a hole 2 to 3 inches from the interior to the exterior wall.
  • An exterior wall is used to mount the compressor unit.

Saving money

The cost of cooling your home during a hot summer can put a significant strain on your budget, so rather than saving up for a fun beach vacation, you see all your money fly out the door. The cost of utilities continues to climb year after year, and there is no halt in sight.

It is the inefficiency of your current unit that is the chief cause of these charges. Your monthly payments can be greatly reduced with an updated ductless air conditioning system. Using ductless air conditioning in Kent, WA, will reduce your energy bills dramatically, as they use substantially less electricity. It is estimated that you could save 20-30 percent per month by switching from a traditional air conditioner.

Enhances indoor air quality

Air quality in your home can be improved significantly with a ductless air conditioning system if you have any family members with allergies or asthma. 

With a ductless system, you do not have to worry about dirt, dust, and debris accumulating in the ductwork as you do with traditional HVAC systems. This system includes multi layer filtration that makes your home cleaner and healthier by reducing pollutant levels, dust, and allergens. Additionally, it dehumidifies your home better.

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Efficient use of energy

The energy-efficient inverter technology in ductless air conditioners allows them to constantly fine-tune their speed, using less energy while allowing them to deliver more even, home comfortable cooling. Ductless heating and cooling systems that are Energy Star-certified, as high as 42 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER).

Conserves space

The compactness of a ductless air conditioning system is one of its best features. It’s unsightly and intrusive to have window units, and central air conditioning systems are heavy and large. The ductwork required by such systems requires a lot of space in the basement or attic.

An outdoor condenser/compressor or heat pump connects to an indoor air handler. Each indoor air handler is mounted on the wall in each room and can be connected to up to four outdoor units. An alternative to wall units is to install a ceiling cassette.

Minimal maintenance required

For your ductless air conditioning in Puyallup Wa to function properly, you simply need to clean the filters, keep the vents of the wall unit clean, and clean up around the outdoor unit to allow air to flow. It will spare you the ongoing maintenance of ductwork and ceiling duct leaks associated with traditional HVAC systems.


Ductless air conditioning systems offer flexibility when it comes to location, as well as being compact. If you’re planning to add an addition to your home, they’re ideal for both heating and cooling one room. The outdoor and indoor air handlers may be connected in up to four models. In this way, the unit can heat and cool multiple rooms or zones in a home.

Final Takeaway

In summary, ductless air conditioning in Tacoma, WA, is a great option for homeowners because it’s more affordable, flexible, and energy-efficient than installing inefficient central air or energy-guzzling window units.  

Interested in making your home more comfortable and more efficient? Dicks Heating is your one-stop solution.

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