7 Reasons to Call for Emergency Furnace Repair

7 Reasons to Call for Emergency Furnace Repair

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A furnace is often an intricate system that is generally 100% safe and rarely poses any safety issues. However, they may break down or cause a problem, which could develop into something much more severe. Although there’s no reason to be concerned about your furnace, it is crucial to consult a professional whenever you suspect that there could be problems or an urgent need for furnace repair in Puyallup.


Deciding whether or not the furnace issue is an emergency isn’t easy. 

Check out the following seven reasons to learn when to seek help to get emergency furnace repair in Tacoma, WA


Reasons You need emergency Furnace Repairing.


If you put off the necessity of fixing an issue with your furnace, it can escalate into a major mess. Fortunately, these furnace problems can help you know when to call emergency furnace repair specialists.


The furnace stopped working and won’t turn on

There are several reasons your furnace might not be operating. In the cold winter months, it’s essential that your furnace is running and functioning. A furnace that isn’t turning on is a good reason to plan repairs in time for an emergency. 

Sometimes, the reason is straightforward, for example, a power issue. In other instances, the problem could be more serious like an issue that needs a replacement. Make sure you contact an expert in heating and cooling when you realize that your furnace isn’t turning on.

One of the most effective methods to prevent this problem is to plan periodic furnace maintenance. This can help:

  • Extend the life of the furnace
  • Reduce the risk of repairs, and
  • Lower monthly energy costs


Abnormal odors from the furnace

Some smells from furnaces are normal or may indicate an issue that is not urgent. For instance, burning smells are usually the scent of burning dust and other particles accumulated on the top of your gas furnace. However, there are certain smells that shouldn’t be ignored.

  • A metallic odor: can refer to a variety of things. It is usually a sign that the internal components like air filters are heating up.
  • Rotten eggs odor: If you detect rotten eggs or smell sulfuric, you must immediately evacuate your home and contact the fire department to turn off your gas, as it could be a sign of a gas valve leak.
  • Chemical odor: A chemical smell emanating from your furnace could signify that cracks are present inside your heat exchanger.


Let Dicks Heating Deal With you Heating and Cooling Repair


Produces Odd Noises

Your furnace will usually be quiet. If, however, you notice frequent clangs or clanking sounds, you need to contact an emergency furnace repair service. 

The sounds of grinding or thuds could indicate that your furnace’s blower motor bearings are wearing out or that the motor wheel is in a loose state. If you hear sounds that pop, the heat exchanger is fractured. This is risky and requires urgent furnace repair in Puyallup, WA.


A broken thermostat

While repairs to thermostats are easy and quick, they can stop working. It can result in your furnace not heating the air. Most of the time, the issue is fixed with a recalibration or electrical repair.

Sometimes, the thermostat needs to be changed. This isn’t an easy task unless you want to set up an intelligent and zoned thermostat. Contact your technician to request emergency furnace repair in Kent, WA, or a replacement thermostat. They can save you money by setting your thermostat to specific temperatures during the day.


Extreme utility bills

The typical energy costs vary in accordance with the season. If you notice a sudden increase in your gas or energy bills, it could indicate that your furnace is not working properly and needs furnace repair in Tacoma. However, on the other hand, an unspecified increase in your heating bills indicates that your furnace consumes more energy and is operating longer than is necessary to keep your house warm.


Furnace Is Overheating

If your furnace is operating in excess, it could overheat. The systems depend on sensors to shut off in the event of overheating. If the sensor is damaged, your furnace will not recognize its heating up. 

Filters that are blocked can also create an issue. Overheated furnaces can result in fires. If you observe unusually high-frequency cycles, that means you’re overheating. You should make a service call to an emergency heater repair company when discovering an issue.


Circuit breaker is constantly trippin

If the circuit breaker of your HVAC system is going through more than one time, it’s an indication that there’s some issue in the electric part that is running your HVAC system. A breaker that is occasionally tripped could be normal. However, when it happens frequently and you are unable to resolve it, contact your HVAC firm. The electrical issue could be serious if not addressed timely.



If you require emergency furnace repair in Auburn, WA, to repair your heating and cooling, you need a team aware of the importance of prompt and effective service. You can count on the experienced technicians of Dicks Heating for 24/7 HVAC services.

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