Caution: How To Know When You Need A New Furnace Installation

How To Know When You Need A New Furnace Installation

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Every asset you use in your home to improve your life has a certain expiry date, so as the furnace. It is not made to last forever. But you can enhance the lifespan of a furnace by following certain tips and tricks. Go through this article to get an idea about your furnace; what are the precautions you can take to maintain its sound efficiency, or is there any need for furnace replacement in your Puyallup, WA home


How do I know if I need a new furnace?


  • A sudden spike in the heating bill


This can be considered a warning sign that the furnace needs maintenance if the heating bill rises unexpectedly

A sudden spike in the heating bill can help be a harbinger that you may need a new furnace shortly. 

Scrutinize the heating bills from your previous months to determine if there are any discrepancies with the current bill. 

It is crucial to analyze the amount of energy using the contrast to the variance in dollar amounts between bills. 


  • Your home is dry or dusty.


By the end of your heating system’s life, it may start struggling to maintain the heat and keep the air moisturized and clean. A modern-day furnace uses outdoor air for combustion, allowing the home to maintain indoor humidity better. If you notice excessive dust powdering the furnace, it is possible that the air purifier may not be working properly. 

Or it can be a sign that it’s time to go for a furnace replacement in Auburn, WA. 


  • Uneven temperature zone throughout the home


Unevenly distributed heat in the home can signal that the temperature differs from one room to another, and there’s sporadic heating in some areas. 

A house with cold zones can mean that the ventilation ducts have to be cleaned, and the doors and windows need to be re-sealed. Your aging furnace may struggle to maintain the right temperature, so consider hiring a technician for furnace repair in Kent, WA. 


  • You have repaired your furnace multiple times


An old furnace typically needs to work harder to provide the home with the heat it needs. It often leads to overheating and the failure of certain parts. It would be better if you went for a new furnace in Tacoma, WA, instead of fixing an old one.


What precautions are to be taken near a furnace?


Every furnace needs maintenance before the temperature drops. You have to prepare the furnaces before the winter season. Well, if you are looking for some precautions, then here are the points that you can consider:


  • Keep flammable items away

Clean up the items which may catch fire from the heat. Some families use the furnace room for laundry and storage purposes. Any flammable material stored near the furnace area carries a high risk. So make sure to keep the flammable items far away from the furnace. 


  • Keep air flowing

The furnace needs fresh air to work. If the furnace does not get enough air, that may consume oxygen in your house. A low oxygen level can create an unsafe environment for you and your family. Blockage in the airflow can cause the furnace to work harder, which may cost you more money. You can clean up the obstruction, keeping the heat spaced throughout the home. 


  • Furnace rules

Your kids may start playing around the furnace without knowing how dangerous it can be. So your prior focus must be to educate your kids about the furnace. Make them understand they should never play or get close to the area. At times, the grill can get very hot. We believe that your safety is way more important than anything else. So it would be better to have a separate area for the kids to prevent them from leaving toys near the furnace or playing around


  • Schedule inspection

You need to update the inspection date annually so you know that the furnace is in good shape. Schedule the annual tune-up right before the winter season comes in. You can hire a technician for furnace repair in Sumner, WA to take care of its maintenance and upkeep. They can help you determine if the furnace has any operational problems. Apart from that, the experts can clean up the equipment, ensuring that your furnace is all set to use in the winter season. 


Final Thoughts  


To ensure that the HVAC ( Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning ) system is working properly, you should hire a technician for furnace repair in Kent, Tacoma, Puyallup, Auburn, Sumner, and nearby areas. After reading the signs explained above, you may consider having a new furnace in Sumner, WA. If you are still trying to figure it out, call us. 

Dicks Heating can help determine if the furnace needs a simple tune-up, a repair job, or a completely new unit. If needed, we can do your furnace replacement in Puyallup, WA and nearby areas. Contact us today for a quote.

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