Install Furnace at Home With the Help of Experts

Install Furnace at Home With the Help of Experts

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The popularity of DIY home projects has grown in the past few years. Adding something unique to your personal space without hiring a professional is all the rage since people are looking to limit their expenses. 

Some projects, however, can only be completed with the help of a professional. The installation of a furnace is among these jobs.

A furnace replacement or installation in Sumner, Tacoma, Puyallup, and Kent, WA, along with nearby areas have access to top technicians at Dicks Heating. Since it a labor-intensive task that requires knowledge & skill, the expertise of a heating and air specialist is indispensable. For added safety, having the same technician assess your furnace before the winter season begins is an excellent idea to save money by installing a furnace in the summer. 

Professionals know exactly how everything works and connects, so they are more efficient and guarantee safety for everyone involved while doing furnace repair in Auburn, WA.


Tips for Furnace Installation

  • Ensure Proper Sizing and Locations


Proper sizing is critical when installing a new furnace in your home. Choosing an undersized furnace will prevent your home from being properly heated, whereas choosing an oversized one will cause inefficiency and excessive energy use. Smaller furnaces work well for tiny houses, while larger ones are needed for larger ones. An HVAC technician can evaluate and measure the space before recommending a furnace size suitable for an older home.

Proper airflow is also essential for the furnace to function properly, so you must determine where it should be installed. Basements and garages are the most common places to install furnaces.

  • Choose the Right Expert


Choosing the right company or person for furnace installation is one of the most important tips. The installation of your furnace should only be done by qualified and experienced furnace installation experts, such as Dicks Heating. 

Licensed, certified, and insured technicians should be able to do the job in your state. Make sure the technician knows the local building codes and safety regulations if you’re seeking one. Ask for references.

The incorrect inspection, installation, or furnace repair in Puyallup, WA, can cause serious safety hazards. You need to research before hiring a technician to install your furnace in your home because poorly installed furnaces can cause fires, gas leaks, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Inspection post Installation


Ensure the furnace has been installed correctly and safely by having your technician inspect it after installation. As well as testing the furnace, the technician should ensure that it is working properly. When the furnace is inspected, any issues should be resolved before it is used.

Follow these steps for a properly functioning furnace:

  • To ensure that the wiring, gas line, and other components are properly connected, examine them. 
  • Make sure the furnace is installed correctly and that it is level. 
  • Ensure the thermostat works properly and is wired correctly. 
  • Carbon monoxide detectors, for example, should be tested. 
  • Make sure there are no problems with the furnace by running it for a few minutes.  

All of these steps ensure a safe and efficient installation of your furnace.


Here’s Why an expert is needed for the installation



A professional installing your furnace is a great way to ensure your safety. The topic of safety and health goes beyond the usual.

Adding a new furnace to your home is more challenging than plugging it in. The main electrical wiring in your home must be properly connected to the furnace system. For a furnace to be successfully installed inside your home, you need the following knowledge:

  • Cut the wires to avoid electrocution.
  • Connect ductwork to avoid dangerous gas leaks.

This knowledge backs all of the work undertaken by a trusted professional. Most of these heating contractors even offer a labor warranty, which means they will return to check on the furnace if anything goes wrong.

Performing the installation yourself can be dangerous and expensive.

In summary, your furnace will be connected to the electrical system in your home. Therefore, you need to gain experience cutting complicated wires too. It is best left to professionals unless you have extensive experience in electrical work!

Having the right equipment

The furnace installation process requires special tools that are only sometimes found in your toolbox. To go out and purchase them, you may pay almost as much as if you hired a specialist. You must cut and grind metal pieces when removing the old unit. It is not only imperative that you have the right tools and equipment, but you also have to know how to use them safely. Thus, professionals should handle furnace installation.




Winter brings many home heating problems, which require furnace repair and replacement in Kent, WA. All such problems can be solved if identified carefully and taken care of in time. 


Take proactive measures to prevent furnace problems by letting experts examine them. Dicks Heating has trained HVAC technicians who can help you when troubleshooting fails to fix your furnace issues. Calling a furnace repair expert in Tacoma, WA, to inspect your unit and get a recommendation for a course of action will give you peace of mind and make the whole process easier. Contact us today for an inspection.


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