Maintenance Guide to Improve the AC Performance of Your Unit

Maintenance Guide to Improve the AC Performance of Your

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When the heat bears down, you likely think about boosting your air conditioner’s efficiency. The best way to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning in kent wa is to have a professional take care of it. Maintaining your own HVAC service for your AC system monthly is crucial in preventing major problems.

It’s better to prevent AC problems than wait until they become severe and need extensive air conditioning repairs. Ensure that the system works all summer long smoothly by performing your own preventative maintenance. Using a basic checklist, you can save on energy bills by keeping your air conditioner in great working order.


An Understanding About Air Conditioning

Cooling systems such as air conditioners remove heat and humidity from within your home, then disperse those elements outside and return the newly cooled air to your home. The air you receive from your air conditioner is inside your house; that is, they simply cool the air inside.

Room air conditioners can be divided into two basic types: central cooling systems and ductless split systems. While both systems are capable of cooling your home, they work in vastly different ways.

Central air conditioners

The central air conditioning in auburn wa is designed to cool your entire home, and cool air is distributed to every room of your home through the ducts. The outdoor and indoor portions of central air conditioners are connected by copper tubes unless it is a packaged unit located entirely outside the home.

Ductless systems

A ductless system is designed to cool only a room or a portion of a house rather than the whole house. A ductless system is inherently different from a central air conditioning system because air is blown through indoor units into individual rooms instead of piping through ductwork. With ductless systems, every outdoor air conditioning unit can be paired with up to five indoor units.

Besides, how can you tell if your AC isn’t running efficiently? Consider the following reasons for concern:

  • A series of strange noises are coming from the machine.
  • There is not enough cooling from the air conditioner.
  • Monthly electricity expenses are rising without explanation.
  • The air conditioner blows hot air, and an obnoxious smell comes from the air conditioner.

These are some tell-tales that you should consider having air conditioning maintenance at your home. 

Maintenance Guide to Improve the AC Performance of Your Unit


Let Dicks Heating Deal With you Heating and Cooling Repair

Wash and clean the air filter

Filters in air conditioners prevent dirt and dust particles from entering your home. Air filters should not be overly clogged with particulate matter and should be cleaned regularly to function optimally. The filthy air filter puts stress on the air conditioner and has an impact on the air quality in a room. It is easy for end-users to clean air filters on a regular basis.

Have the coils cleaned

The coils in the air conditioner help absorb heat and cool the room. Dust particles tend to encapsulate these coils, reducing their ability to absorb heat. The air conditioner is forced to work harder in such circumstances to maintain a reasonable temperature in the room.
To avoid this, make sure you clean the coils regularly. The coils are sharp, so getting this done by professionals during scheduled air conditioning in puyallup wa maintenance is safer as it involves risky contact.

Check the condition of the condenser unit fan

Since it cools down the refrigerant gas, the condenser unit fan is crucial to the AC’s performance. If it doesn’t work correctly, the air conditioner won’t cool the room. You may hear a strange sound coming from your AC unit if the condenser fan is malfunctioning.
You must contact professional experts immediately if the motor is heavy or if the blades are chipped or cracked.

Drain line inspection

Condenser moisture must be drained from your AC unit. As algae grows, this drain line can become clogged. You can perform preventative AC maintenance by flushing the line with bleach from time to time, and one cup usually suffices.
When algae or mold are mostly clogging the line, a wet/dry vacuum cleaner can generally remove the obstruction.

Join the annual maintenance program

A well-maintained air conditioning system performs better because it is properly cleaned, minor issues are addressed, and conditioning service is at the proper level.

Final Takeaway

It is obvious that keeping your air conditioning in tacoma wa maintained will save you money on your electric bill as well as prevent damage to your equipment.

AC maintenance experts are capable of examining and troubleshooting any issues your AC unit might be experiencing. For optimal performance, have your air conditioner serviced at the recommended interval.

With proper maintenance tips from trained professionals like Dicks Heating, you can make your air conditioner operate at 100% efficiency so that you and your family members experience the highest level of comfort.

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