Should I turn off the air conditioner at night and when I’m not at home?

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Air conditioners use up more electricity than other home appliances. Many ask whether intermittently turning off the AC saves electricity. 


Here is what you can do to increase energy savings while staying cool. This article will give you a brief idea about the mechanism of an Air Conditioner and how you can conserve the energy of your air conditioning in Sumner, Tacoma and other nearby areas. 


How Does an Air Conditioner Work?


First and foremost, you must understand how air conditioning works to determine how to use it cost-effectively. The AC unit sucks out the hot air in the room and blows in cold air while also absorbing the heat in the room.


The refrigerant carries the heat, passing through the evaporator coil, absorbing the heat and cooling the air. The blower will circulate the cold air in the room. The refrigerant travels to the compressor, where the pressure and temperature increase. Once that reaches the condenser,  the hot air is released outside. Finally, the refrigerant gets cold and travels back to the evaporator.


This cycle will repeat until the room temperature reaches the desired level. The thermostat tells the AC to cycle off. This procedure keeps the home cool and comfortable even when the weather is hot & humid outside on a typical summer day. 


Does Turning Off the AC at Night Saves energy?


Cycling off the AC during the night may or may not save you on electricity depending on the following question:


What is the temperature at night?


If you do not have a fan or other cooling devices at home, you can still cycle off the AC and save electricity. If the temperature is low outside, you can open some windows and let the cold air circulate. Do this only if security is not an issue. 


An open window is a welcome invitation for burglars or intruders to come in and ransack the house. You do not want to lose more than what you save on electricity. Also, you have to wake up early and close the windows so that the heat will not come into the room, especially during the summer months. 


Tips for saving energy with your Air Conditioner


Consider these simple and practical tips to lower the air conditioner’s electricity consumption without compromising comfort and indoor air quality. 


Upgrade to the programmable thermostat

You have to physically adjust a manual thermostat if you want any changes in the room temperature. It can sometimes lead to more wasted energy, especially for homeowners who need to learn how to program their thermostats correctly. 


Do not program the thermostat in a colder setting, for it will cause excessive cooling and higher energy bills. Also, check that you are in the night heating or cooling mode whenever you want to set the thermostat. Contact our experts if you are facing any issues in upgrading the thermostat or facing any troubles with air conditioning in Kent, WA


Raise the thermostat temperature at night

Smaller differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures can significantly impact the energy bill. Raise the thermostat temperature at night, especially if it is not too hot outside. 


Use the AC’s fan mode at night

You can save energy by switching the unit’s operation for air conditioning in Tacoma, WA,  from cool to fan mode before you sleep. This way, the air will still circulate in the room but with less work from the air conditioner. 


Use fans and natural ventilation

Install fans in the entire house, which pull in air through the windows and exhaust it via the roof and attic. House fans can provide adequate cooling even in hot weather for most climates. Seek help from professionals for safe whole-house fan installation. For the services of Air Conditioning in Auburn, WA, you can reach out to the experts at Dicks Heating. 


Use room fans to make the occupants feel comfortable. Fans create the wind chill effect as the air circulates in the room. Turn off the fans while not in use or when you leave the room. 


Final Thoughts  


Purchasing and maintaining the AC is an investment, so make sure you invest your money correctly. Learn more about the lifespan of an AC, how frequently you should get it cleaned, and when it’s time to get a new one with professional services from Dicks Heating & A/C INC. 

For service or maintenance-related consultation, visit our website; our team is here to solve all your queries. To schedule an appointment for services related to air conditioning in Puyallup, WA, call us for quick and professional services at an affordable price.

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