Tips for Choosing the Best Furnace for Your Home

Tips for Choosing the Best Furnace for Your Home

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All you need is an efficient furnace to keep the home warm and cozy during the winter season. One thing that must be on the top of your home maintenance list is servicing the heater. If you have any thoughts about replacing your old one or purchasing a new one, here are some tips for choosing the best furnace for the home. By the end of the article, you will get an idea of whom to reach out to for furnace repair in Tacoma, WA.  


Factors to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a furnace

All these pointers mentioned below will help you narrow the range of furnace options. You must carefully choose whether it hits all the criteria. Once you have these in mind, selecting the right unit may be a manageable task. 


Consider Fuel Source

In today’s market, you may purchase furnaces that run off natural gas, oil, electricity, or propane. Usually, gas furnaces are cheaper to buy and easier to install. They are less messy than oil furnaces. If the gas supply is unavailable in your locality, then oil would be the next best choice. Electric furnaces are the cheapest ones to buy and install, but when it comes to heating large homes, there may be better options available in the market, as it will cost the most to operate in electric bills. 


Choosing the Right Size Furnace

While purchasing a new furnace, you must ensure that it is the appropriate size for your home. If the furnace is too small for the home, then that may not be able to provide you with adequate heat. An oversized furnace can also be an issue. For choosing the right size of the furnace or furnace replacement in Sumner, WA, you can take the help of a professional. When a heating professional comes out to give you the quote, they can calculate exactly the size of the square footage & the furnace repair in Tacoma, WA.  The calculation takes other factors into account, such as the efficiency of the windows and how well they can preserve heat.  


Consider the Budget 

Like most homeowners, you are probably worried about the costs associated with the new furnace. As you debate which furnace to purchase, keeping an eye on the price is crucial. Considering your budget Dicks Heating is here for furnace repair in Sumner, WA. 

The cost of the furnace may also vary depending on the efficiency rating, indoor air quality features, and size.


Indoor Air Quality and Variable Speed Blowers 

Furnaces have two kinds of blowers: fixed speed and variable speed. The variable speed is beneficial as they function what their name says; they vary the speed with which the heat is blown into each homeroom. It helps to keep the heat from room to room, which is usually quieter than the fixed-speed blower. For a new furnace in Sumner, WA, you can take the help of our professionals. 

Apart from all these types of blowers that the furnace has, it is also important to know how that can impact the air quality inside the home. The blower distributes the warm air furnace produced into the rooms. For furnace replacement in Auburn, WA, you can contact our experts.  

It blows the air through the series of ducts inside the home’s wall. If the it does not have an adequate air filtration system, that may blow dust and allergens through the ducts and into the rooms in the house. The air filters on the furnace must be changed twice a year to maintain the air quality in the home.

Ensure that the heating and cooling professional checks all these filters every time the furnace is serviced – from the moment it is installed. You can take the help of a professional for Furnace repair in Auburn, WA.



Among all these factors, climate also plays an important role in purchasing a furnace. Depending on the region, some furnace types work better than others. Consider buying the furnace that has certification for best efficiency and savings. For furnace repair in Kent, WA, consider taking guidance from our experts. 




Choosing the right furnace is a must-have for ensuring total comfort at home. Dicks Heating & A/C INC. is committed to providing homes with the necessary equipment to stay comfortable with quick and easy furnace repair in Puyallup, WA. We can help you choose whether it is time to get a new or if the existing equipment needs some tlc. Contact Dicks Heating to schedule an in-home energy consultation and furnace replacement in Puyallup, WA, and get started on improving your home’s comfort. 

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