Tips For Saving Your Electricity While using Air Conditioner

Tips For Saving Your Electricity While using Air Conditioner

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The unforgiving climate condition makes the air conditioning a must-have. As we enjoy the comfort zone they bring, we have to contend with the rising electricity bills as well. For this, we are here to share some easy tips you can apply daily to avoid such conditions where you have to pay some extra bucks. Air Conditioning in Auburn, WA, can rack up your electricity bills really fast, so it’s imperative to take action on time. t last, we will introduce you to a trustworthy company from which you can always seek services at an affordable cost. 


Here are some tips to help you keep your electricity bill down this summer.


Set your temperature between 75.20 – 78.80 degrees Fahrenheit


Air conditioning in Sumner, WA, experts at Dicks Heating say this tip can make a difference to your electricity bill, and you do not have to spend thousands of money on the electricity bill. It is common for customers to set their AC temperature between 69.8 – 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer season. However, setting the AC temperature at 75.2 or 77 degrees Fahrenheit will still be comfortable, which can help you save a lot on the energy bill. You can apply the same principle in winter too. Altering the temperature just a few degrees can make a big difference. You can ask expert professionals while getting heating repair in Puyallup WA, during the winters.


Only cool the spaces you are using.


If you have the central AC system, use the zoning option to ensure that you are only warming or cooling the areas being used. Alternatively, you can support a portable AC or split system, which will only cool your space.

Replace older AC Units with newer


If you are wondering how to save electricity with an air conditioner and bring your bills for Air Conditioning in Puyallup, WA, down, look at the current AC’s energy rating. The more stars, the more vitality efficient it will be and the cheaper to run. Unfortunately, older AC has fewer stars, and it can consume a lot of energy. You can keep more money in the long run by replacing the older AC unit and investing in a new and more energy-efficient one.


Choose the right AC unit for the property.


The room size that needs warming or cooling will determine the kind of AC you must try. Homes and spaces with high ceilings or many windows are way harder to warm or cool. If you need any help picking the proper one, then our Air conditioning in Kent, WA experts will be there to assist you. 


Keep yourself warm during winter.


Keep yourself warm by wearing a warm jumper and pair of socks and drinking a hot cup of coffee or tea. For these moments when you are relaxing, consider yourself with an electric blanket. These are energy-efficient measures compared to relying on the AC to keep the entire house warm. Wearing lighter clothing can keep you cooler. 


Save With the Air Conditioning Advisory Centre


At Dicks heating, we will be more than happy to advise on the best energy-saving solutions. We deliver air conditioning installation and repair services for commercial and residential premises and heating repair in Sumner, WA


Reach out to us today to learn more about how you can easily save electricity while using the air conditioner to cool off during summer.

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