Ways to Know if Your Furnace Needs to be Replaced


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Your furnace keeps your home warm and comfortable throughout the year, from chilly days through rainy autumns to winter snowfalls.  

But even the most reliable furnaces have a limit to their life expectancy at some point.

 Although it has been good for many years, now might be the time to replace it. We’ll tell you how to recognize the top six signs that you need furnace replacement in your Sumner, WA home. 


Why is Furnace Maintenance Important?


Many homeowners don’t realise the importance of furnaces’ regular maintenance to keep them working at their best. You could end up spending more on your home heating bill if you disregard regular tune-ups, you could damage your unit, which might require it to be replaced, and you might have inadequate heating.

Short- and long-term benefits will accrue from regular maintenance and timely repairs. The following are some reasons why you should schedule regular professional inspections:

Reduced energy bills

In most people’s budgets, energy bills are among the highest expenses. You can make your furnace run more efficiently by regularly inspecting, maintaining, and repairing it. You’ll use less energy while heating your home this way.


There is always the potential for safety hazards with furnaces, although they are generally safe. Moreover, dirt and gas leaks can cause fires and even cause explosions if there is carbon monoxide poisoning.

Your furnace’s life expectancy

You will be able to maintain the warranty on your furnace with regular maintenance and repairs, as well as extend its life. Keep furnaces running for as long as possible because they are expensive to replace.

Let Dicks Heating Deal With you Heating and Cooling Repair


6 Ways to Know if Your Furnace Needs Replacement.


Your furnace has reached the end of its useful life


A home heating system has a retirement age too, just like people. You might want to consider replacing your furnace if it has been in your home for at least 15 years. A decrease in efficiency and an increase in repair costs, in the long run, can actually cost you more than replacing the system. 

Your home will benefit from an upgrade to a new, more energy-efficient furnace, and you will save money, lower your carbon footprint, and have reliable, safe home heating for many years.


Frequently occurring breakdowns


If your furnace is old and showing problems, other parts may be about to break down as well. If your furnace breaks down frequently or has more than a few minor problems, you are better off with furnace replacement in Auburn, WA, rather than trying to fix it. 

It could be more costly to fix the furnace than to install a new one. As well, if your furnace breaks down frequently, your home will be cold and uncomfortable.


Strange Noises from Your Furnace


Take note if you hear strange and unfamiliar sounds coming from the furnace that you haven’t heard before. When your furnace starts making strange noises, you may need to replace it. A furnace may begin to make some strange noises throughout its lifespan as it ages and wears out. Before it becomes a serious problem, call a professional if you hear any of these symptoms:

  • Screeching
  • Grinding
  • Banging
  • Popping
  • Rattling


The increasing cost of your utility bills 


The energy efficiency of furnaces diminishes over time (especially without regular maintenance). In the event that your home’s heating bills are increasing while your demand on the furnace remains the same, it is a clear sign that your system has aged and no longer functions properly.


Quality of Indoor Air


You might be surprised to learn how important your heating system is to the quality of your indoor heated air. In older furnaces, you may find that the air filters become less efficient as well. 

In the HVAC system, an air filter and heat pumps prevent dust, dirt, and other contaminants from entering the system. If your house seems dustier than usual, or if your family members suffer from allergies more frequently, it could be a sign of a failing heater.

Your home has uneven temperatures


Have you ever noticed that some rooms in your home are never warm enough, while other rooms are always too warm? If your heating system is inefficient, some Tacoma homerooms will be cold while others will be warm and might need a furnace replacement in Kent, WA.


Final Takeaway


When a furnace exhibits two or more of these signs, you need to pay special attention to determine whether you need to replace it. 

Investing in a new furnace now rather than later will save you a lot of money and headaches in the next couple of years, likely more than a new furnace would cost! For furnace replacement in Tacoma, WA, give Dicks Heating a call today!

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