What are the reasons that AC blows warm air?

Reasons Why AC Blow Warm Air

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Warm air rushing out of the vents can make you feel dissatisfied and uncomfortable when you want your air conditioner to lower the temperature and provide a comfortable home environment. It might be annoying to have an air conditioner that blasts warm air rather than the necessary cool comfort, especially during the hot summer months. It is paramount to comprehend the causes of this problem to address and resolve it effectively.


Multiple causes can make an air conditioner blow heated air instead of cooling your room, which will be discussed in this blog. We will provide you insights into the likely causes and potential remedies and when it becomes imperative to take help from a professional for heating repair in Kent, WA


What does blowing hot air mean?

An AC blowing hot air conveys that the air conditioner is not functioning properly and is not generating cool air. Instead of producing the expected cooling effect, the air conditioning unit in Sumner, WA, releases warm air at room temperature. This suggests that there is an issue with the cooling capacity of the air conditioning system. Thermostat settings, clogged filters, refrigerant leaks, defective parts, or obstructed condenser units are just some potential causes. The air conditioning in Auburn, WA, is not efficiently cooling the area it is supposed to chill when blowing hot air. 


Why is my AC blowing warm air, not cooling?


  • Thermostat settings: Verify that the thermostat is in the cooling setting and that the desired temperature is set lower than the ambient temperature in the room. If the thermostat is not set up properly, it may not engage the cooling operation, which will cause warmth to be released.


  • Filters for the dirty air: Air filters capture the dust, grime, and other particles from the air as it enters the air conditioning system. Over time, the filters could get clogged or dirty, limiting airflow while decreasing cooling capacity. Due to insufficient ventilation, cold air may blow from the AC unit in Puyallup, WA.


  • The leak of Refrigerant: Refrigerant is the gas that travels through the air conditioning structure, collecting heat from the interior air and expelling it outdoors. 


  • Faulty Compressor: By compressing the refrigerant while encouraging heat transfer, the compressor plays a critical part in the AC system in Tacoma, WA. The compressor’s poor performance or malfunction can obstruct cooling, causing the air conditioner to blow heated air. It might be required to fix or replace the defective compressor.


  • Faulty Fan Motor or Capacitors: Fan motors and capacitors enable proper airflow within the AC system. If one or both of these parts is broken or not working properly, there may not be enough airflow, resulting in the air conditioner blowing heated air rather than chilly air. It may be required to replace or repair Tacoma air conditioning components.


  • Blocked Condenser Unit: The condenser unit, which is outside, is in charge of releasing the heat that is taken in from the interior air. The proper heat dissipation may be hampered if the condenser unit becomes blocked by debris like leaves, dust, or dirt. This may cause the air conditioner in Kent, WA, to blow warm air and limit cooling performance. Condenser unit cleaning and obstruction removal can help fix the problem.


It’s important to keep in mind that diagnosing and resolving Hvac shortcomings can be challenging and call for experience. If your air conditioner is blowing hot air, it is best to immediately contact a qualified heating repair in Sumner, WA, specialist who can correctly identify the issue and carry out the required fixes to restore proper cooling functioning.


Contact Dicks Heating now to schedule a service!

It’s critical to take action to fix the issue if your air conditioner is pumping hot air rather than the much-needed cold. As was already noted, knowing the potential reasons might help you spot the problem or at least give you some idea of what might be wrong.


However, diagnosing and fixing an air conditioning system can be challenging, so it’s frequently advisable to call in a qualified HVAC technician. Dicks Heating is a reputable HVAC company that focuses on repairing and maintaining air conditioners. Our staff of skilled technicians can precisely identify the issue and offer the required fixes to restore your AC’s peak cooling performance. Our business is licensed and bonded, and insured. 


Call Dicks Heating at (888) 531- 9579 right now to set up an appointment for service and have your heating repaired in Tacoma, WA, right away. Put your trust in their knowledge to keep your house cool and cozy all summer.

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