5 Tips For Quality Installation of Air Conditioning at Home

5 Tips For Quality Installation of Air Conditioning at Home

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The installation of an air conditioner can be difficult, especially if you aren’t familiar with the process. Unit install requires a thorough understanding of how these air conditioners work and how to install them. Due to the complexity of this job, most likely, you’ll need the assistance of an expert to ensure your system functions without hiccups.

However, before you make any decisions, consider these tips for installing Air Conditioning in Puyallup, WA, for your new or current home. 


Choose a right-sized Air Conditioner!

When it comes to central air conditioners for residential use, bigger ones are not always better. It is advised not to use air conditioners too large for the home since they can interfere with cooling. 

Contractors must calculate the HVAC load, determining the size of the heat, ventilation, and air conditioning in Auburn WA (HVAC system). A home’s energy-efficient quality air is calculated first by measuring the square footage and then taking other factors into account, such as the climate, the insulation level, the number of windows and doors, and the number of occupants.

For cooling the home, the British Thermal Units (BTU) needs to depend on the same variables as for heating. When you’re sizing an AC unit for your home, you’ll often benefit from consulting with an HVAC professional.


Become familiar with energy efficiency ratings

Your professional HVAC technician can determine the energy cost and efficiency rating of your new HVAC unit. Still, in general, you should pay attention to two things: the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and ENERGY STAR certification. If you purchase a new Air Conditioning in Tacoma WA, it should have a SEER rating of at least 14, but the most efficient ones have a SEER closer to 20. 

The ENERGY STAR seal is a mark that the EPA awards to air conditioners that are energy efficient without compromising performance. While a more efficient AC system is likely to be more expensive at first, the savings should offset the price difference.


Examine the existing ductwork

You should inspect your existing ductwork prior to installing a quality air conditioning unit. Some ducts may not be able to handle the increased airflow of a new air-conditioning system, and this may require modifications. 

A new ductwork system may be necessary for homes without existing ductwork. Adding new or remodeling existing ductwork can add some extra installation costs. 

Keeping your ductwork in good condition is imperative. Make sure you seal the joints properly, so the cool air stays inside. Approximately 20% of cool air is lost through old or inefficient ductwork. 

Let Dicks Heating Deal With you Heating and Cooling Repair

When dealing with duct issues, you may want to hire a professional company or an AC technician. The professionals will inspect the systems and fix them as quickly as possible. Once the duct system is secured, you can contact a professional for heating and air conditioning installation in Washington. 

A ductless split system is often preferable to a ducted system for houses without ductwork.


Get full-fledged support from experts!

Selecting an experienced contractor is the first step in getting good service. It is common to find HVAC contractors who offer shoddy service for ridiculous prices. Steer clear of hiring such impostors. 

Check their credentials before hiring a professional to work on your HVAC System. If they seem unprofessional, it is more likely that they are the people who are looking to fleece you out of your hard-earned money. Their air conditioning installation could be poor, resulting in problems down the road. 

This could even start a vicious cycle of never-ending expensive repairs when you choose to work with low-grade contractors. You can also check online for reviews and partner with one whose office is nearby. 

Ask your neighbors and friends about their contractors and check reviews online. It is not cheap to employ a professional contractor because they adhere to industry standards. Although the company is extremely expensive, they provide world-class, accurate, and efficient service at a reasonable cost.


Get an Air Conditioner maintenance scheduled!

As soon as your new Air Conditioner is installed, get it on a maintenance schedule to make sure that it continues to work efficiently and effectively over time. Your Air Conditioning in Kent WA will be more efficient for longer when you enroll in a maintenance program. You will also keep your bills low, prevent expensive repairs, and improve your indoor air quality.


To sum it all up 

The installation of Air Conditioning in Sumner WA is usually not something you can do independently. Though the average homeowner can certainly accomplish this task, they lack the necessary skills. Keeping this in mind, it’s better to hire professionals who have a good reputation. 

Thus, if you want your Air Conditioning installation to be seamless, you need a team of qualified, experienced HVAC technicians who have a professional work ethic and who properly install your air conditioning unit the first time. These five tips can ensure a smooth and quality AC installation experience from beginning to end. 

Are you ready to schedule air conditioning installation with a team of qualified professionals to make your home comfortable? Call the experts Consultants from Dicks Heating or email us to begin your installation process today.

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