What are the Different Types of AC Units?

Different Types of AC Units

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AC units represent a major financial investment in your house and constitute a significant

portion of your budget. It is important to get the most value for your money. But how can you determine which air conditioning in Sumner, WA, is best for your home? 

The task of evaluating the air conditioning system’s size, efficiency, home needs, quality, cost, as well as all other features is daunting. We’re here to make it easy and make it as simple as possible to help you make the right decision for your family and home.


Types of AC Units


Mini-Split, Ductless Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are ideal for houses without ductwork. The mini-split ductless mini-split system combines an outdoor compressor and condenser with one or several indoor air-handling units. These units can be mounted to the wall with blowers. Tubing connects indoor and outdoor units and circulates refrigerant.

The cooling unit in each room will be different, identical to the window air conditioning in Auburn, WA. These units can be easily installed without having to remove the walls. They allow for each room’s temperature control but can prove to be more costly if you need to cool the entire house.


Central air conditioning unit

This type of cooling system is the most commonly used. Because it can cool more effectively than other types, it is also the most affordable. Central air conditioners cool the air by using supply and return air ducts. Registers and supply pipes, which can be found on walls or floors, transport cooled air into the house. Once the air gets warm, it circulates through the supply ducts or registers. It is then transported back to the system. 

You need to plan and prepare well before central air conditioning installation. This is because the system’s functionality depends on how it is sized. A system of the wrong size will result in higher utility costs, even if it’s efficient.


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Window air conditioner

Since the dawn of time, window conditioners have been the champions of cooling smaller spaces and are considered the most commonly used type of air conditioner. Window air conditioners are available in different sizes, so they can be used to cool one room or an entire area. You can cool small Sumner, WA homes with a large window AC air conditioning in Kent, WA, especially if you have a one-story house or open space.

A window air conditioner is a unit that contains all its components. The name refers to the fact that it can be mounted in a window or through a hole in the wall. It emits heat from the outdoor side and then blows cool indoor air. This type of air conditioner has a filter that slides out to allow for easy cleaning. These air conditioners come with controls and a remote. Get in touch with certified technicians to know more. 


Portable air conditioner

These portable air conditioners are the next generation of window units. This type is capable of cooling the air inside the room efficiently. Any warm air is then emitted outside via an exhaust pipe that is placed on a windowsill.

Portable air conditioners work the same way as window air conditioners in Puyallup, WA units. They can only cool one room. They are portable, easy to install, and cost-effective. The services in Puyallup are a major plus.

Floor mounted air conditioner

For those who prefer a mini-split but do not have enough space for a wall-mounted unit or are unable to install a wall-mounted unit, the floor-mounted Tacoma air conditioning units can be used for convenience. The indoor unit of a floor-mounted AC rests on the ground, so the outer unit does not require site preparation. This arrangement is ideal for areas with tilted walls like attics or buildings made from fragile materials, such as glass.

The unit can be mounted up to 6inches higher than the floor. It is connected to the outdoor unit through a small hole in a wall.

This AC allows you to check your air filters with ease.

The floor-mounted air conditioners can be easily accessed by people with respiratory problems or those who wish to keep their indoor air quality as clean and healthy as possible.

As the fan blows air directly to your level, floor-mounted systems heat/cool the room faster than any other mount system. However, units mounted high on the walls can have problems cooling the room efficiently and uniformly. For floor units to work efficiently and circulate the air properly, they need space. You should ensure that the unit isn’t obstructed or blocked by walls and furniture.


Final Takeaway


When you’ve figured out what kinds of AC units are available, it’s time to determine which is the best one for your home. This is based on your budget, area, the SEER rating, warranty, and other features of the AC unit.

An expert from Dick Heating can help you make the right and informed decision about your air conditioning in Tacoma, WA. Call our expert for a quote today!

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